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Disciplining Our Children By Dr Geeta Mathew

Is it necessary to discipline our children? Absolutely! Is it easy to discipline them? Absolutely not!

However, we cannot let our children grow up in an unruly manner jumping up and down neighbour’s sofas, throwing a tantrum in the toy shop after being denied a doll’s house or throwing handful of mud at their playmates in the park.

The bottom line is that all children present discipline challenges and we as parents have to work out how to handle them. Often we are caught completely by surprise. Our sweet – tempered placid baby – our little girl is yelling. “You can’t make me eat” at the restaurant and you are that parent trying to calm her down and avoiding the stares of other diners who look on aghast.

Discipline is like a one – plank bridge over deep, swirling waters. How much is too much? Nobody wants to raise a spoiled brat, but at the same time we do not want to be so hard on the child that she loses her self – esteem.

What we should aim at is a mid – way path to ensure that our children grow up to be responsible, well – behaved citizens of tomorrow.

Make your child understand that the whole family is part of it and forms a reliable support system. Listen to your child. Your child realizes when your mind is on other matters and will soon stop telling you things which are important to her. So give her your undivided attention and expect the same courtesy from her. Do not allow her to run off or watch a television programme in the midst of your conversation with her.

Be firm and consistent. Make your child understand that you love her so much that you expect responsible behaviour. Too many refusals can become tiresome. Therefore limit your “no’s” to serious matter so that your child knows that “no” is a “no”.

Build a calming space for both your child and you, where both can cool down. It can be your child’s room and your bedroom or it can be two benches in the garden. Do not treat this “alone time” as a punishment but as a period for anger to die down. After this hugs and cuddles are in order while you tell your child that irresponsible behaviour is not acceptable.

Let us parent our children in a warm and kind manner setting firm but kind boundaries. Ask your child to do things in a polite and respectful tone – avoiding shouting, threats and undue criticism.

It is easy for a parent to become very critical on himself and unhappy with the manner in which he disciplined his child. Do the best you can. Remember nobody is perfect. Focus instead on the times you handled your child well and the positive things about your parenting skills. At the end of each day remember that tomorrow is another day.



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The Sugar Surge – How Much is Too Much? By Dr. Geeta Mathew

I remember standing in the ‘mithai’ shop in Kolkata buying ‘Sandesh’ and ‘rasogullas’ with my father or biting into my mother’s coconut burfi enjoying every moment thoroughly. However, I recall that these treats were not daily ones. Our everyday meals were home-made and wholesome.

This brings us to the Question. ‘How much sugar is too much?’  You’d be hard-pressed to find a child who doesn’t love sugary foods and we must remember that all the cereal and noodles and other processed or packaged food your child eats has some amount of added sugar. A childhood sweet tooth isn’t as harmless as it might seem and causes a variety of serious health problems such as high blood pressure and diabetes and weight gain. These problems can be carried from childhood into adolescence and onto adult years.

With this in mind, how much sugar can our child have and is it all that bad? There is definitely room for a little bit of sugar in our kid’s life but it should be used not on a daily basis but as an occasional treat.

Biscuits, pasta sauces, cakes, chocolates, sweets, fizzy drinks and fruit juices which all children love are high in sugar.

Nowadays many people believe that diet affects children’s behaviour, and that children become more hyperactive when they have sugar and are less likely to concentrate in school. They may become cranky and start throwing tantrums. Nobody wants to be the mother of a child jumping up and down on a neighbour’s sofa creating chaos everywhere or have other people looking accusingly at you while your child lies kicking on the floor in the supermarket.

No mother in her right mind would pack her child’s snack box only with cake and chocolate chip cookies. She would probably put in a peanut butter sandwich or some pasta with a sauce etc and feel that her child is getting plenty of nutrients. Yes, her child would get the nutrients but also a lot of sugar from the bread and sauce. And she has not counted the sugar in her morning Bournvita and Cereal, her apple juice and cookies for her evening snack and the piece of chocolate she will eat after her dinner. So much sugar is added even to healthy foods that your child could eat what looks like a perfectly balanced diet that’s still full of sugar.

It’s not difficult to see why children love sugar. So many foods meant for children from oatmeal to fruit rolls are so sweet that the child does not like to eat green vegetables and whole-wheat ‘rotis’. Of course, not all sugar is evil. Fruits, milk and starchy vegetables all contain natural sugar and nutrients but these may not be very appealing to your child.

For example if your child drinks a mango shake, the taste of an actual mango will not be so enticing. Sweet foods therefore edge out healthy fare from your child’s diet.

There is a lot we can do as parents to curd our children’s sweet tooth. Pay attention to sweetness like purees and concentrates found in flavoured sauces and fruit rolls. Think small and dish out smaller portion of pudding and ice-cream. Avoid processed food which contains a lot of sugar. Added sugar often pops up in seemingly healthy foods like low-fat or whole wheat products. Compare brands to find the lowest amount of sugar. Spot hidden sugar in food stuffs. Instead of flavoured yogurt mix in honey into plain yogurt. Use fresh fruit instead of canned fruit. Make your own topping for pancakes instead of maple syrup. Let us be sugar smart and give our children a healthy life.



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Annual Day Speech 2017 By the COO Mrs Gina MatthaI

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It’s a privilege to welcome you all to the Annual Day 2017.


I am delighted to welcome our parents. Dear parents, your presence has made today special. Finally let me welcome all our lovely babies and our faculty whom I am sure will put on a wonderful and memorable show this evening.


But before I hand over to the stars of this evening, let me take this opportunity to say a few words.


As Maria Montessori said, “To influence society we must turn our attention to children. The child must be considered as a point of link, joining the different epochs of history, the different levels of education……The child absorbs his environment, takes everything from it and incarnates it himself. With his unlimited possibilities, he can well be the transformer just as he is the creator.


At TLC, every child’s potential is met. We believe that if expectations are high, performance will match. We trust in the child to aspire to great things, value them as individuals and above all else, promote high self-esteem. If the child learns nothing else, he must learn to like himself.


We believe that teaching is much more than focussing on children, much more than preparing the envision, recording and observing, and partnership with parents- it is being privileged to work with tomorrow’s greatest asset- the child.


Children will imitate the adult world around them, so they need adult stimulus for inspiration. It is we adults who make the decision, who provide the opportunities, who must exercise our imaginative insights into the infinite needs of children.


A child’s inquisitiveness is boundless even to the point of being irritating to preoccupied adults. Invariably the last words spoken at bedtime include the word “Why”….why is the moon yellow? Why do I have to sleep? Why is the night dark?


The way we respond to these sincere requests can be crucial to the child’s developing curiosity. Children deserve answers. They can be simple ones if time is short or the moment inappropriate but followed up with a promise to look it up in a book later.


Fobbed off children may conclude that if their wanderings and wonderings and ponderings are of no interest to the adults who matter perhaps they aren’t worth having in the first place.


We want to look forward to a generation better equipped to understand and control our environments, a generation willing to search for ways to conserve and not destroy and above all a generation appreciative of the beauty and mystery of the microcosm and macrocosm of our physical universe.


We believe that education is a 3-way partnership between the teachers, the students and the parents. It is a synergy of these 3 forces that ensures quality of development that is integral, consistent and relevant.


Our school is a community- a community of parents and educators working in partnership to create the best environment possible for children’s growth and learning. As members of a community we should help and support each other in all ways that we are able to, through our knowledge, our experience, our labours, our time, our creativity and most importantly our love.


Preschools that have high family involvements are often the schools with the strongest programs. When families are involved, children do better, teachers feel supported and everyone works together.


As parents and teachers, it is our collective responsibility to guide and mould the leaders of tomorrow and equip them with life long skills-for it is on them that the future will have to depend.


Our success is primarily due to our dedicated, sincere, passionate and well trained teachers who have been carefully selected for their personal qualities of warmth and empathy as well as their teaching skills. They take the responsibility of taking care of their little ones under their care very seriously. Keeping in mind that each child is unique, our teachers cater to individual needs, growth and development, curiosity and readiness to learn.


All this is achieved through frequent brain storming sessions that we carry out where every child is discussed and a well thought out time bound program is laid out and executed to address each child’s personal needs and exploit his potential to the fullest.


Our teachers are always reminded that the 2 key words are patience and flexibility – patience to allow each child to complete tasks as independently as possible and flexibility in the presentation of tasks to allow for any adaptations which may need to be made to suit specific children.


The program at TLC utilizes a consistent, research based curriculum which is aligned to state and national learning standards for preschool. Our trend follows more of the business trends of the 21st century- right brained thinking, innovation and creativity. We focus equally on social and emotional learning and the 3 R’s.


I look at the sea of faces in the audience- proud papas, mama and grandparents and indeed you have every right to be proud. Our little babies have grown and developed exponentially. They have learnt so much, they are eager and enthusiastic to learn more, they have made new friends, they have learnt to be a part of a larger community.


Well done and congratulations to each and every one of our TLC babies, we need to tell them how every proud we are of them. Many of our little ones have graduated into primary schools of their choice. Our young graduates move into a new year – new tomorrow so bright with goals already achieved and more dreams still to aspire to. I am confident that we have given them a great start in life and they are well equipped to take on the nest part of their educational lives. Congratulations once again.


Coming to today’s Annual Day program, parents we hope that you realise the effort gone into making our little babies play their special roles today. For many of them, it may be their first stage experience-they may not have the necessary confidence to render a flawless performance – so you may be subjected to a few unscheduled pauses, a few instances of tears and a tendency to do things their own way. But I am sure you will welcome all that and watch your child with a mixture of awe, happiness and pride.


Parents of our older babies, our ‘Veteran Stars’ will observe how each child has developed over the years with the exposure and how their social and interactive skills bloom as a team in the company of their friends.


Now dear parents please sit back and relax and please welcome our two budding orators in the making, Avin Tiwari from TLC Koramangala and Garvita Gupta from TLC Cambridge House.










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Annual Day Speech 2017 By the CEO Mrs Usha Lamba

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this years Annual Day Program where we celebrate our children’s accomplishments and TLC’s journey towards excellence.  A warm welcome to Dr Father Ambrose Pinto, Principal of The Saint Aloysius Educational Institutes, Bangalore, our Chief Guest. Your presence here today has made this event even more special.


TLC Montessori Preschool is an incredibly exciting place for our young students to learn and grow in an environment that is nurturing, safe and challenging for all our children. These early years are of imperative importance, the very beginning of their learning journey. At TLC, we ensure that our students develop a love of learning that will serve as a firm foundation throughout their education.


We pride ourselves from being different to other preschools in that our learning program reaches far beyond academics. Along with the hands-on Montessori foundation, the stimulating Units of Inquiry, our special Thursdays and funtastic Fridays, personal and social teachings are central to each child’s education. At the heart of our philosophy is the belief that we prepare our students for life, not just education, and this involves growing in independence and taking responsibility for their daily actions and their friendships by the time they reach our graduating class of Rangers or Scholars.


I would like to assure you, dear parents that at TLC we have a culture of Safety and excellence and we are very happy that the Government of Karnataka has now started issuing minimum guidelines for security and safety matters in preschools across the state. This has encouraged us to look at safety as a management function, just as we regard accounting or administration.


Security and safety is a way of thinking at TLC, and has always been our top priority. Presently, we are working on various measures to address any challenges we feel exist.


Our first visible move is the appointment of a Safety Officer in every campus. The Safety Officers will ensure that our standard operating procedures are being applied at all levels, which will lead to a massive improvement towards making TLC reach our goal of being an incident free school.


Our second big step is working, with an external consultant, towards ISO certification, which will help TLC reach an even higher standard and make us feel more confident and assured that we can address any challenges that may come our way.


As we look at all our guidelines for parents with a refreshed eye, many small changes will be made, so parents, please ensure you read and understand our rules and regulations which are aimed at promoting the safety and security of your child. These will be sent to you before the next orientation day.


Our vision at TLC is to be a leader in Preschool education. To have an international presence synonymous with a distinctive educational experience that will nurture children’s potential in academic achievement, leadership, sportsmanship, expanding horizons and making dreams come true.


A lofty vision but one that we are slowly working towards. Our team of dedicated and enthusiastic teachers, guided to work within a curriculum framework and a culture of Tender Loving Care already give our children a distinctive educational experience, nurturing their potential, making them leaders, team workers and opening their minds.


With an amazing leadership team in place, we have expanded, with two more campuses – one in HSR Layout and the other in Manyata Tech Park.  This will help us spread our culture and honour our vision and mission. 


I am confident in the ability of our four teams headed by our Principals: Pinky Chakraborty, Sameen Hashmi, Suparna Mukherjee and Jeynu Uthappa.


Our School Coordinator, Reshma Kara


Our Safety Officers, Sameera Ali Baig, Vishma Nanaiya Anupama Harish and Shruti Nedungadi


Our Montessori Coordinators, Babita Sarkar and Tasneem Nakhoda


And finally our Daycare Coordinators Sarla Harsha, Priya Manikandan, Subhasini Ganesh and Shruti Nedungadi.


I am sure they will make the right choices, because of their dedication and experience, their qualities of kindness and respect for children, because of the training we provide them on a regular basis which act as a refresher of the TLC culture for excellence and safety, systems and compliance and finally because of their love and passion to educate children to reach their full potential.


Another exciting development which has taken place this year is creating a Communications Department, headed by our Communications Director, Divya George. Good Communication is the key to success, and with Divya in charge, I am confident that we will have more clarity and concision, as we redevelop our internal policies of communication to increase accountability and transparency within our leadership team, teachers and staff.


This year, we brought Little Fudge, our cute TLC Mascot to life, through the creation of a soft toy and thanks to Dr Geeta Mathew, a series of short stories on the values we want to impart to our children. Dr Mathew is an amazing writer and she is helping us take our curriculum to another level through research and development of our UOI’s.


Our Director, Zahver Dhabhar is responsible for our success in many ways, contributing as a strategic partner, from the day to day work to the big picture. Going forward, she will help us focus on defining a clear baseline in matters related to expenditure, systems and operations.


Our Chief Operating Officer, Gina Matthai, is my right hand. She implements our curriculum, carries out training workshops, ensures quality and determines the specifics to all the broad plans and ideas I give her. She helps me with the strategic planning and inspires every member of the TLC community from our leadership team, teachers, staff to our parents and children with her enthusiasm and initiatives.


Last, but not least, is our partnership with you, dear parents, which is critical in ensuring the well being of our young students. We like you to be as connected as possible to your child’s experience in TLC and encourage face-to-face communication on a regular basis, with our special events. Last year, we celebrated World Yoga Day where you had the opportunity to do yoga with a trained expert at TLC. On Independence day, as part of our CSR activity, you helped us collect food and gently used toys which were distributed to children at The Samarpan Trust and The Ananya Trust. We had great fun at the Father-Child Master Chef Challenge, where a group of professional chefs were judges to the culinary masterpieces churned out by the competing teams, TLC had the priviledge of being community partners on Cycle day, to reclaim our streets in Bangalore. We encouraged our staff, who work so closely with our children, with a party, where our TLC children and teachers fed and entertained our helpers in a reversal of roles. We held phonic workshops, PEP (Parent Engagement Program) talks and Culmination Days at regular intervals through the year. Of course our largest events still are the ever popular Sports Day and Annual Day.


As you can see, we are very keen on maintaining a close relationship with you. You are also welcome to meet us to discuss your child’s progress in school and can now ask for professional guidance from our trained counsellors availabe to help you deal with any challenges you face in your parenting journey.


Our future is bright. TLC is fabulous, stronger than before and ready to push the limits to provide the perfect start for your precious child.


I now invite our COO, Gina Matthai on stage to take this evening closer to our little stars who are eagerly waiting to dazzle you with their magic. Thank you.











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Be the Reason Someone Smiles Today by Zahver Dhabhar


“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.” Barbara De Angelis.


The support staff at TLC are not only hard working and conscientious but also extremely responsible. In addition to keeping our children safe, they partner with us to meet the physical needs of children at TLC. They are very much a part of the TLC framework and contribute equally to our success.


To soldier on, when every day is a challenge bringing in obstacles of every kind and yet to be able to hide them behind a smile is no easy feat, however this is just what they do day after day sharing our responsibilities and contributing to the best of their capabilities.


Our support staff were in for a surprise like no other as they walked the red carpet amidst cheers and claps, they laughed with abandon and literally let their hair down as they played games organised by us, danced to the music of their choice and enjoyed just being themselves.


They were then treated to a delicious lunch, served by the teachers and the TLC team.


A smile for a smile and a tear for a tear. It was heart warming to see how a simple gesture, a word of appreciation touched many hearts this morning. We may never know all the good a simple smile can do, but we discovered joy like no other and happiness like none before. At TLC, we take very good care of our support staff, teaching them about safety, nutrition and health, and covering them with a comprehensive health insurance.


We hope we spread a little cheer to people who make such a big difference in our day to day lives.


It’s the little things that make a difference and at TLC we wanted to be the reason for someone to smile today.



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When Litte Fudge Came Home by Zahver Dhabhar

A Happy Children’s Day to you….


Today was an exceptional day at TLC Montessori Preschool, as we celebrated every child in a very special way. The day began with a cheer, as we greeted every little child as they came to school dressed in their finery, excitement writ large on each little face.


It was fun and games from then on. There was music and dancing all around and the delighted children enjoyed every moment.

Whilst some pranced around to the beats of the rhythmic drums, others watched in awe as our teachers joined in the revelry.


Now it is time for us to introduce our latest addition to the TLC family, Little Fudge. Little Fudge is the TLC mascot, who will be your child's best friend and companion throughout their time at TLC. Little Fudge will feature in all our stories and proudly be part of the TLC brigade.


Little Fudge will travel with you and your family and be part of your holiday fun, whilst we at TLC would love to be part of his travelogue.


Little Fudge is my best friend

My constant buddy from beginning to end

All through my journey at TLC

In my heart he will always be

In my hands I hold him tight

He is my TLC buddy alright

To school and back and  where ever I go

Little Fudge is my best friend; I want the world to know!


Our children receive the best education and have very bright futures as we fill your child’s day with fun, friends and learning.






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Masterchef Challenge 2016 by Zahver Dhabhar

“ And the TLC MasterChef Title 2016-2017 goes to..........”

It was a week of fun, excitement and gastronomical delight as TLC set about planning and organising its first ever ‘TLC Master Chef Father-Child cook off...’ At TLC we recognise the importance of a father’s involvement all through his child’s formative years.

Our ‘UOI’ for the month was Fruit and Vegetables and what better way to celebrate the wonders of ‘a healthy body and a healthy mind’, than have our fathers’ whip up a storm in our kitchen.

The idea was to have our super dads take over the reins and prove their mettle in what is considered predominantly a mum’s domain at home - and rise to the occasion they did...

A mystery box, an open pantry and ingredients that, if used correctly could create wonders on the plate and a riot on the palate, opened up a world of opportunities in the TLC Master Chef kitchen. Children accompanied their fathers, selected the ingredients of their choice and set about their task in an organised and well planned manner.

The Master Chef clock waits for no kitchen-hand and time kept ticking away; however this had no impact on our super dads and their super sous chefs - our children.

They pottered around the pantry, the sounds of knives busy on the chopping boards and the clang of spoons to utensils was all that reverberated through the TLC Master Chef kitchen.

The furrowed foreheads, palpable excitement that left just a thin line of beaded sweat on every brow in the room, including the mums, did not in any way deter the participants.

Aromas of every kind pervaded our kitchen and fantasies were recreated on a plate...A few spiced it up, the others left it sweet, umami was the fifth sense discovered.

With creativity on their sleeves and imagination under their hats, all expressed beautifully on a plate, the countdown to the finale began.

Ten...Nine...Eight...and...hands up...utensils down.. Smiles and cheers lit the room. There were high fives and a deafening applause for our super chefs had created a picnic on their plates.

The cheering continued even as a professional chef sampled each plate meticulously scoring each contestant on inventiveness, taste, presentation and child participation.

“ And now we have a winner...........” The first ever Master Chef of TLC -2016-2017 is...... 

And that, dear friends, was the end of a day full of fun, cheer, sweat but no tears in our kitchen.


As Julia Child said, “The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude”.

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TLC Annual Carnival By Divya George


A Carnival that brought out the child in everyone….a carnival that left you asking for more…a carnival that was fun and more…a carnival for each and everyone!


Throughout the month, right up till the most awaited day of the year, the excitement had been building up in all of us and the carnival finally dawned on a bright day with a lovely blue sky and perfect clouds. What a pretty sight it was to see our school come alive with colourful balloons and streamers and all things nice and beautiful.


As the crowds rolled in, the exhilaration is the air was palpable. We had many stalls put up with an array of items ranging from children’s furniture to interesting craft, to pretty little clothes to organic creams and eatables for the little ones and their families.


The games were energetic and equally played by parents and their children. From bringing down the colourful pyramid, to stacking vibrant bangles, to racing cars, to guessing the weight of a scrumptious cake to wrapping a gift with just one hand, the list of games went on and on, each one better than the last.


A talent show for children was also set up where they could perform or dance to their heart’s content. What a joy it was to see our children confidently sing their favourite song or recite a small little poem cheered on by the crowds of family and friends. The children also loved icing their very own cupcake and feeding a colourful clown as they hopped and skipped around with beautifully painted tattoos. Greatly enjoyed by all was the saree draping contest where all mamas had to try their luck at draping a saree in an unimaginably short time span. Applauded on by their children and friends alike, this game was indeed nailbiting.


The highlight of the day was our TLC Auction where parents got to bid for their child’s piece of art. Made over the year gone by, each one was a masterpiece in its own way, a little collectable to take away and cherish for ever!


And what better way to enjoy ourselves even more than with hot and delicious mouth watering food from cuisines across the world, ice cold drinks, sticky and yummy cotton candy and buttery corn that just melted in the mouth.


The foot tapping music played throughout this celebration got us swinging to catchy tunes making this Saturday one to remember for many days to come. With a whole lot of merriment, infectious smiles and peals of laughter, there was no doubt that this celebration of life and colours was indeed a roaring success. What a grand way to start a lovely weekend!






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TLC Annual Day 2015 by Divya George


The memories of a child at school are some of the most beautiful ones. From making new friends to looking upto teachers to guide them, to their classroom it wouldn’t be wrong to say that perhaps the most important one is the child’s performance on stage at his/her Annual Day.


An Annual Day celebration of a school is a time to showcase the wonderful talents of a child, a time for parents to sit back and watch their little ones perform, a time when the entire school comes together to celebrate the learning and growth of their children. The Annual Day at TLC Montessori Preschool did just that and more. With months of training and choreographed dances with the little ones, this programme was from start to finish a ceremony that will be talked about for many months to come.


Who would have thought that children just barely able to walk, would go up on stage and perform with abandon in front of hundreds of parents. For the ones that have been with us from the very beginning, it was a moment of pride for both our teachers and parents, to see them recite their poems or sing their lovely songs confidently and with such passion.


The TLC Annual Day 2015 dawned on a bright and cheerful day of December. Much awaited by anxious parents and excited children, this day was a magnificent finish to a wonderful year gone by. With thumping hearts and bated breaths, the programme started off with a welcome speech by 2 of our little children before it went on to the varied performances by the children. From colourful dances that talked about the diversity and cultures of our nation, to perfectly synchronised steps that were all about spreading love and happiness all around, to foot tapping numbers that kept the audience enthralled, it was a pleasure to see the children perform on stage, some of the very first time in their lives.


We also had a quite a few solo performances to keep our parents glued to their seats. While the older ones recited funny poems and stories that brought a smile to the faces of everyone, the younger ones sang their beautiful little songs cheered on by our young parents and grandparents. Our Programme ended with a catchy tune that was danced along to by the oldest children of our Scholars class. This performance on the making of chocolate was a showcase of their budding talents and a perfect takeaway gift before they get ready to take on the world!


An integral part of the TLC School Calendar and a day to look forward to by one and all, the Annual Day at TLC was a ceremony to celebrate the culmination of a season filled with the joy of learning. It however goes without saying that none of this would have been possible without the enthusiasm of our little ones and the hard work put in by the teachers to make this day the triumphant show that it was.

Thoroughly enjoyed by all, this is a day that will go down in the books of TLC as one that kept our parents mesmerised throughout and an evening that will be talked about with a feeling of immense pride. What an end to the year 2015 and a start to a brand new and promising year to come

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Plant a Sapling Day at TLC By Zahver Dhabhar, Vice Principal

Play is the answer to how anything new comes about'- Jean M

Gardens are magical, fun and full of the wonder of discovery for children. There seems to be a natural attraction between children and nature. It was only apt that a project to upgrade the environment be launched from TLC, where we understand the value of conserving nature.

Can planting trees help to convince a bunch of preschool children that nature's not boring after all?

We at TLC were ready to find out. The 27th of January, 2014, was earmarked as a “Plant a Sapling Day' at TLC. Many children had never planted a tree before and their first response was "will a tree really grow"? Others, who had worked in our organic vegetable garden earlier, had even eaten the fruits of their labour; and knew a little about digging and watering.

The 'plant a sapling' campaign at TLC was a great success. Each child planted his or her sapling. Some of the older children marked the spot where their tree would grow, to return someday and watch it mature over the next few years.

Some others wanted to do all the digging and a few didn't want to touch the soil and were terrified of worms (you can't win them all).

Teachers explained to children the importance of a greener world and the importance of trees and how they help us.

A visual presentation re enforced the lessons of sustainability, love and respect for nature.

We at TLC hope that as these saplings transform into plants-our children will remember their 30 minutes in the sun were contributed to our TLC landscape.

Maybe they'll be encouraged to get out and see a little more of what nature has to offer.

While its certainly worthwhile to use Earth Day to help students understand the importance of going green, our curriculum is designed to encourage students to be environmentally conscious throughout the year.

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Peace at TLC by Usha Lamba

Madame Montessori,

Even as you, out of love for children, are endeavoring to teach children, through your numerous institutions, the best that can be brought out of them, even so, I hope that it will be possible not only for the children of the wealthy and the well-to-do, but for the children of paupers to receive training of this nature. You have very truly remarked that if we are to reach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with children, and if they will grow up in their natural innocence, we won't have to struggle, we won't have to pass fruitless idle resolutions, but we shall go from love to love and peace to peace, until at last all the corners of the world are covered with that peace and love for which, consciously or unconsciously, the whole world is hungering.

— M. K. Gandhi, 1943

Dr. Maria Montessori recognized children as saviors in the evolution of human history. Remember, she lived through two World Wars, and developed her entire philosophy in the midst of all the turmoil and destruction. "Averting war is the work of politicians; establishing peace is the work of education." Maria Montessori“…we must gather together all the elements of the world and organize them into a science of peace.” 

This is why we have a peace curriculum at TLC. We are not as idealistic as Mahatma Gandhi or even Maria Montessori, to feel that there will be an absence of conflict in the world, so we teach our young students skills of conflict resolution, respect for every individual and do not tolerate any kind of “bullying”. Every classroom has a set of ground rules that the children have agreed to.

We teach conflict resolution through role-playing different situations that we have noticed, can cause conflicts between children. We talk about the different ways in which to resolve the conflict such as compromise or take turns. We have a talking corner, where children can resolve conflicts in a peaceful manner, by talking and listening. In the Talking Corner, children face each other, and whoever is holding the teddy bear, gets to talk. No one can interrupt, and once the object is passed on, the next person gets to talk exclusively. This works wonders in tension-filled situations.

Peace education changes as the children become older. At the preschool level, our 3 to 6 year olds learn about different countries and continents. They learn how to say hello in several languages, and understand a few cultures from different parts of the world.

 At home, you too can promote peace by allowing your child to participate in the care of the environment, showing respect for the different things in the house like books, toys, food and even clothes. Care of pets and plants is also a great way to make children take on the responsibility of caring for another living being.

 The most important role you can play is to set a good example.

  • Do not argue with your spouse or other family members.
  • Speak respectfully about other people.
  • Do not gossip about your friends or acquaintances.
  • Show kindness.
  • Establish special rituals during joyful or even sad occasion.
  • Involve your child in planning, decorating and celebrating.

 Remember, your children watch every move and learn far more from what you do, than what you say.

Posted on : 16-12-2015 10:50:43

Nurturing Green Activists By Usha Lamba

TLC Montessori Preschool’s environmental achievements are backed by environmental education. I feel it is very important to have a holistic education for children from the very beginning. My vision for our environmental program is that our children become socially responsible and environmentally friendly.

The children at TLC learn about the environment in a structured and simple manner. The environmental messages we promote include the three R’s – Recycle, Reduce and Reuse, planting trees, growing your own organic vegetables, minimizing waste and saving water. These messages are infused in the Unit’s of Inquiry (UOI’s), instructional and non-instructional curriculum, throughout the 3 – 5 years that children typically spend in TLC.

Our numerous green practices contribute to resource conservation. We reuse water from our swimming pool for watering plants in our playground and our sustainable vegetable garden.


Teachers save paper by sending most messages through email and the communication book. For craft, we try to use paper from old magazines. Our Weekly newsletter or WAG is sent electronically.

Children who stay in school for longer hours, and eat their meals with us, have the privilege of eating organic fruits and vegetables that have been grown and cared for, by the children themselves. Children have their own plate and cutlery which they use for every meal. We encourage children, teachers and staff to bring snacks in reusable containers, rather than disposable boxes.

We are making a difference by encouraging every TLC-ite to be an environmental champion. Our desired outcome of education is to make children into lifelong learners, confident, active contributors to society. Bangalore is our home, and as proud citizens we would like Bangalore to be a clean and green city. We believe that our little contribution does make a difference. Everything we teach and do today will affect the quality of life for future generations.

Posted on : 10-12-2015 18:16:37

Safety Drills at TLC By Zahver Dhabhar, Vice Principal

To be prepared for the unprepared is our motto at TLC.

We maintain exacting standards when it comes to safety at school. One of the more common hazards that can warrant indescribable damage and loss is the start of a fire. It happens unannounced and if unprepared it can create irreparable damage.

We at TLC, are well equipped with smoke alarms/ fire extinguishers and the staff is well trained in operating them in times of such an emergency.

To create awareness and prepare the children, we conduct regular fire drills throughout the year and each classroom is equipped with a special escape plan to ensure every member of the school is evacuated quickly and safely. It is also important to learn and remember the different ways out of school. As we are lucky to have many exits, our evacuation plan makes sure an exit is never crowded.

This week was dedicated to Fire Safety, quite appropriately timed because the festival of Diwali, being a festival of light, tends to bring fire home in the form of lamps, candles, diyas and even fire crackers. Fire alarms and bells went off without any pre-warning, as our mission was to check the reaction time of the teachers and also check the total time taken to evacuate the entire school.

The office monitored the response time and checked if all the processes were being followed. It was observed that the fire exit maps were followed and children were aware of how to react in times of such an emergency. An optimal response time was noted, where the entire school evacuated and assembled at our assembly points.

With awareness comes knowledge and God forbid in case of such an accident we are well equipped.

“The safety of our children is our highest priority at TLC”.

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When Disaster Strikes: TLC Children Assist in Typhoon Relief By Usha Lamba

elping others less fortunate is a cornerstone of TLC’s Social Engagement philosophy. Whether tragedy strikes close to home or on another continent, TLC children line-up to give away their toys, books and pocket money, in order to bring relief.

On 8 November 2013, Typhoon Haiyan, known as Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, damaged or destroyed nearly 1.1 million houses in the Philippines and displaced approximately 4.1 million people, according to the Government of the Republic of the Philippines. Efforts to mobilize relief poured in from around the globe.

Our children and parents contributed generously to the typhoon fund. One of the most touching and memorable contribution was of a little child bringing along his piggy bank, breaking it open to contribute all the money he had collected. As Director of TLC, I decided to contribute an equal amount to double up the contributions received. Donations were sent to provide immediate emergency relief to victims and help with rebuilding efforts in the affected communities. 


Social psychologist and Professor of Ethical Leadership at New York University’s Stern School of Business Jonathan Haidt describes the act of witnessing altruistic deeds as, “A manifestation of humanity’s ‘higher’ or ‘better’ nature.” His belief, that at the deepest level all human beings are part of the same network of consciousness means that practicing selfless acts for the well being of others connects us to one another. 


Thank you for your support.

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Annual Day 2014 By Usha Lamba

I know I speak on behalf of everyone who attended the Annual Parent’s Day, when I extend a sincere thank you to all involved, for a very entertaining, vibrant, colourful and spectacular evening of entertainment. I had the good fortune of being able to attend and was so impressed by the skill, talent and dynamics of the actors, the singing and choreography, the costumes, the set decoration and the slick management of the entire evening by our very own Master of Ceremonies, Zahver Dhabar. The performances captured and enthralled the audience of all age groups from the start through to the final song.

Congratulations to everyone, both in front and behind the curtain. Thank you to our Principal, Gina, for her leadership and direction of this show and to Reshma, who was in charge of props and set creation. To Cherry, thank you for your backstage leadership and guidance, Sameen, who took on the huge responsibility of making Class CD’s – Memories of the year, 2013- 14, Divya, your direction and supervision of the Sound tracks was impeccable, Meghna who has always supported our children with her singing and to the teachers, Tania, Ruhi, Nausheen, Rupa, Gunjan, Tasneem, Nagma, Sameera, Nitya and Pinky , who spent many hours planning, organizing, practicing and coordinating each performance. Our support Staff, for you we give a sincere appreciation for all your work in making this show so successful.

To celebrate our evening with us, we were fortunate to have Mr. Browne, Principal Redbridge International Academy, who inspired us with his kind words and presence through the whole show. Mrs. Gowaritkar, Academic Co-ordinator, Redbridge International School and Mrs. Massey, Head of Department, Bethany School for children with Learning disabilities, who attended the event, even though she had a prior commitment.

I wish you a happy and safe holiday. The opportunity to “recharge” is really an experience in improving our thinking by taking time to reflect.


Posted on : 04-12-2015 19:13:00