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Thank You for a Great Father's Day Celebration @ TLC (Maanvi and Vikas, Parents of : Shrishti V Talreja)

Thank you for the wonderful event today celebrating father's day. It really made me feel very special and I got to spend some fun quality time with my daughter. TLC has been a great choice for us (Maanvi and I)  which we feel reinforced every time our daughter is happily getting ready for School. Teachers here have given her the much needed comfort and discipline needed for the child, and have always ensured her safety at all times!
Please continue to take good care of Shrishti and keep up the high quality standards.

A Big 'Thank You'!

Dear Mrs Matthai,


Thank you so much for being with us at our Pre Primary School Sports Meet on Tuesday, 22nd August, 2017. It was a pleasure to have had you with us. We were delighted by the short and inspiring message that you delivered to the students, staff and our parents.

A big 'Thank You' once again from all of us at Bethany High School.


Robert Khin



Parent of Anona

“TLC has played such an integral part in the growth and development of my little one. She has been here since she was a year and a half old and now she is four and a half and still learning. She just loves her school. Thanks for taking care of her safety and making her feel at home.”

Parent of Mayank

“A wise decision taken to put our son in TLC. An aspiring and inspirational concept with the zeal to impart creativity and thinking power to the growing children is a routine followed by TLC. Way to go!!”:

Clarine (Adam’s Mother).

“Adam enjoys school now. I am very very happy the way they handle Adam at school. They don’t push anything on force which is what I want for my child. I would love it for Adam to figure things out his own way and it doesn’t matter how long it takes. I find that happening here. So I am very happy that Adam has joined the right place.” 

Vikas Kumar (Aanvi’s Father).

“We are glad to have our daughter study in TLC. It is a friendly environment and child is given focus for the overall personality development. I extremely happy with the progress in the personality of our daughter.” 

Dimple (Abhinav’s Mother).

“Lot’s and lot’s of Thanks to the TLC team for being there for my son. For him this is the second home. Sometimes his teachers are more important for him than his mother.” 

Dr. Vidya ( Bhagyasri’s Mother).

“Sending Bhagyasri to TLC school is one of the best decisions we have ever made. The TLC family had groomed her so well. We are very proud of her schooling, manners and attitude. We are forever greatful to the extraordinary teachers of TLC family. Thank you so much.” 

Bhavya M N (Maanya’s Mother)

“I am extremely happy with TLC Montessori. Teachers are doing a great job. Keep up the good work & keep rocking.” 

Deepthi ( Arya’s Mother).

“We are really happy that we decided to send Arya to TLC. Her transition from US to India couldn’t be more smooth& comfortable. We look forward to a year of learning for her with the TLC crew. Great team! Thank you.” 

Archana Kaushik ( Deekshitha’s Mother).

“My daughter Deekshitha is in her second year in TLC. We are very happy to see her learning different things in different manner, when compared to what we did years back. Thank you TLC.” 

Marisa Arauja (Ava’s Mother).

“This is the third year that my daughter is in this school, I think that says a lot! The teachers are what set this school apart from the rest.”

Twinkle Jhunjunwala (Samarth’s Mother).

“Choosing TLC for my son was the best decision we took for his early years. We along with our son thoroughly enjoy school.”

Parent of Anandi

“We are very pleased with the way our daughter is learning at TLC and find the school puts a great emphasis on the wholistic learning (the Montessori Way). We intent to continue for as long as we can. Thank You!” 

Parent of Glorianne

“We have been very happy from the time we put Daniel and now Glorianne. It is the all round development that has helped our children – Studies, music, GK and Sports. We and our children will miss TLC.”

Parent of Zia

“Growing up is fun and my daughter is having fun while learning and interacting with all at TLC.” 

Parent of Rudra.

“I have seen such a great transformation in my son from being a reserved child to an open/chirpy and talkative child. He has become more expressive and his clarity of thoughts has become more organized. Thank You for making him a well rounded child.” 

Parent of Adrika

“I’m very happy that my child is in TLC. Her outlook has completely changed. She has become a confident young child.”

Parent of Danish

“TLC is a wonderful environment for my child. Amazing care and the best teachers. I wish TLC had classes for older children as well. It has been a great experience being associated with TLC.” 

Parent of Ada and Aedan

“An amazing experience with TLC from the last 5 years. Always get a warm welcome from every single family member of TLC. I am very happy to be a part of it. I love TLC and I hope it grows as much as it can. All the best!”